Rehoming a Collie or Sheltie

If you have to consider finding another home for your Collie or Sheltie, here’s the information…

For information to rehome a Sheltie or Collie in Virginia or surrounding areas, please contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We welcome your inquiry – WE CAN HELP! Call 757-814-4389.

Most of the Collies & Shelties in our program will come directly from owners who can no longer keep them … for many reasons: divorce, relocation, allergies, new baby, finances, etc. We make no judgment about why you need to rehome a Collie or Sheltie – we’re happy to find him or her a new, loving home. Your Collie or Sheltie will receive excellent, loving care with Love of Collies and Shelties Rescue of SEVA (formerly Collie and Sheltie Rescue of Southeast Virginia) while we look for the right home for him or her.  Our adopters are all excellent and eager to take a “new” family member into their homes. Each adopter has  completed an application, had references checked, and had a thorough home visit. The home visit is essential – we meet all the family members and pets, look carefully at the prospective adoptive home, and “talk Collie or Sheltie” whichever the case may be, to determine how experienced they are with each breed.

When you contact us about surrendering your Collie or Sheltie, we’ll ask you about your dog’s history (behavioral and medical), and why you need to surrender him or her. This information is important so that we can select the best foster home and provide for the dog’s needs. We want to know about any nipping behavior the dog has exhibited. This is often not serious and can be corrected.   Love of Collies and Shelties Rescue of SEVA (formerly Collie and Sheltie Rescue of Southeast Virginia) covers all medical expenses for the foster dog before adoption, including: spay or neuter, updating vaccines, tests for heartworm, Lyme, parasites, etc. We also will groom the dog. However, we really appreciate it if you can take care of these expenses before you surrender him or her or can give us a donation to help cover them.

If your Collie or Sheltie has a health issue that you cannot afford to treat, we may be able to help you find veterinary assistance so that you can keep your dog.  

Once Love of Collies and Shelties Rescue of SEVA (formerly Collie and Sheltie Rescue of Southeast Virginia) has agreed to take your Collie or Sheltie, we arrange for a foster home and transportation. You will sign an owner relinquishment that transfers legal ownership of the dog to Love of Collies and Shelties Rescue of SEVA and includes a veterinary medical release. The following items are also requested: Medical records (written vet records, not just invoices) and/or contact information for your vet Rabies certificate Microchip information if any A favorite toy, blanket, bed, etc., so your Collie or Sheltie will feel a little more at home at the home of the foster family. All medications the dog is currently taking, including heartworm and flea/tick preventative AKC paperwork and registration, including pedigree, if you have those.

The Collie or Sheltie will spend at least two weeks, often longer, in Love of Collies and Shelties Rescue of SEVA foster care so that we can address any vet needs and get to know the dog. We may contact you during this period for more information. When the dog is ready for adoption, the foster provider and the Adoption Coordinator will review approved applicants to find a new home for the dog. If no one matches right away, the Collie or Sheltie will remain in foster care until the right home can be found. We are very careful to place each dog in the best possible home for the dog and the family.

We are sorry that you cannot visit your dog once relinquished to us, and we cannot tell you who adopts your dog. However, we can give you information about how he or she is doing, if you request it, but we do not initiate that contact. Some surrendering owners do not want to know; others do.