Forever Fosters

Hospice Care and Permanent Foster Care Program

On occasion we come across a dog that is unable to be adopted. They could be seniors or have a medical condition that would be too costly for an adopter to  provide the care, or they may have a terminal illness. In this type of situation LOCS Rescue provides a permanent foster home for the dog.  The dog gets a wonderful home and the foster provider gets support financially  for veterinary care, food if needed, and with respite care while enjoying a collie or sheltie. 

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Jay Jay, a Forever Foster, not available for adoption

Jay Jay upon arrival.


 Jay Jay is an older collie.  He used to work on a farm .  He spent most of his time outside.  He came to us from an older lady who could not manage his coat. She surrendered him with love. 

Jay Jay at his foster home.


 Jay Jay is a content and happy older gentleman at his foster home. Due to  a Fibrosarcoma grade 2. tumor he is currently listed as a forever foster.The first surgery was not successful in getting a clean margins as the mass was too large and would not have allowed it to be completely closed.  

Recent news on Jay Jay.


 Jay Jay recently visited our vet, Pine Meadow Veterinary Hospital for a check up.  He is on medication monthly for his arthritis to help keep him comfortable. We had radiographs done to check his lungs, etc for masses as the mass on his side has returned. Please consider donating to his care. 

More to come on Jay Jay


We will continue to update his progress.

Jay Jay


Jay Jay


Please consider donating to Jay Jay's care.

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Sophie, not available for adoption at this time.

In the beginning...


 Sophie came to LOCS of SEVA from a wonderful family who were having some difficulty with her behavior. Since she has been with us in rescue we have really gotten to know this sweetie. Sophie is 2 years old. She is completely house trained and has been spayed and fully vaccinated to include lyme. She has been microchipped as well.

As she becomes more comfortable.


  Sophie loves to cuddle and to play. She has lots of energy so she needs a family who has some time to play. She loves to run and is super fast so she will need a fenced yard for sure. She may even be one to get into agility, barn hunting or luring competition.  

Dog Friendly-not cats


 She gets along really well with other dogs of all sizes to include a great dane, a collie, shelties, a corgi, and a bichon frise. Unfortunately, she will chase and bark at cats and birds. 

Sophie in training


  She is currently in obedience classes working on her gate and door agressions.   Sophie takes some time to trust people.  She is still building that trust. She will sit and lay down on command, will usually stay, but is unsure about coming.  So sad that she is frightened to come.

Sophie cont.


Keeping you updated on Sophie