Adoption Process

  1. Fill out an application which can be found above.              

 2. Contact your veterinarian and give them permission to speak with us concerning your pets vaccination record.

3. A volunteer from the rescue will complete a veterinarian check to confirm that your current animals are up to date on all of their vaccinations.

4. Next, one of our volunteers will contact you to set up a home visit . Please don't change a thing as we are really just interested in meeting your family and your other pets if there are any. 

5. Within a week you can expect to hear from the rescue concerning the adoption.

6. Please know that we will work diligently to find the right dog for your family and the right family for the collie or sheltie.

Please send completed forms to

or by postal service to 

151 Sandpiper Street, Newport News, VA 23602


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Are you searching for a sweet girl who loves to play? Lovely Lyric looks a little like Bambi when she runs, her long legs moving across the the ground in quick, light steps.  She's a little curious and frightened of new things but once she's reassured, she's usually not bothered again. She needs a home with people or pets who want to play a lot and then sleep when you both have run out of energy. Sometimes she'll want to cuddle and crawl into your lap, except she's already too big for that. So she settles for putting her head there so you can pet her. You can't go wrong with this sweet girl. She just needs a patient, loving, playful forever home where she will find a best friend who wants one too.

Lyric is a wonderful 7 month old smooth collie.  

Lyric was spayed on September 5th and will be available approximately September 16, 2019.


Are you someone who is looking for a one on one buddy?Do you want a friend that will make sure you get some exercise and then cuddle with you when you need some sleep? Finn is your boy.  Finn is a handsome one and a half year old sheltie looking for his forever person.  Finn is fast runner with spurts of energy and will require a fenced yard.  He might even enjoy some agility training.  

Finn does ok with other small dogs but will not be good with large dogs.  He would be best as an only dog. If you think he might be your match, we look forward to hearing from you!



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