Adoption application

Adoption Process


1.   Fill out an application which can be found below.

2.  Contact your veterinarian and give them permission to speak with us.

3.  Someone from the rescue will complete a veterinarian check to assure that your current animals are up to date on all of their vaccinations.   

4.   Next we will contact you to set up a  home visit by one of our volunteers. Please don't change a thing as we are interested in meeting you and your other pets if there are any. 

5.  Within a week you can expect to hear from the rescue concerning the adoption.

6.  Please know that we will work diligently to find the right dog for your family and the right family for the collie or sheltie.

            Please send completed forms to                       or by postal service to 151 Sandpiper Street, Newport News, VA 23602.

Jay Jay

Jay Jay upon arrival


Jay Jay is an older collie.  He used to work on a farm .  He spent most of his time outside.  He came to us from an older lady who could not manage his coat. She surrendered him with love.

Jay Jay after!


After a couple weeks of grooming at home and then going to the groomer, he is looking and feeling much better.  He has been to the vet and up to date on his vaccinations now.

Jay Jay most recent


Jay Jay had a very large mass on his side that we had removed thanks to donations from our supporters. He has been diagnosed with cancer.  A Fibrosarcoma grade 2. The surgery was not successful in getting a clean margins as the mass was too large and would not have allowed it to be completely closed. 

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If you are looking for a nice sheltie girl we have one for you! Frannie came to LOCS of SEVA from a wonderful family who were having some difficulty with her behavior. Since she has been with us in rescue we have really gotten to know this sweetie.
Frannie is 2 years old. She is completely house trained and has been spayed and fully vaccinated to include lyme. She has been microchipped as well. Frannie loves to cuddle and to play. She has lots of energy so she needs a family who has some time to play. She loves to run and is super fast so she will need a fenced yard for sure. She may even be one to get into agility, barn hunting or luring competition. 


She gets along really well with other dogs of all sizes to include a great dane, a collie, shelties, a corgi, and a bichon frise. Unfortunately, she will chase and bark at cats and birds. She will sit, come, and go to her kennel on command. She walks well with me on the leash but will sometimes bark and lunge toward cars. We are working on sitting when cars go by. Frannie is a bit of a hunter. She is digging for the voles and moles in our yard. Only those spots where the trails are. I have been out there with her watching to see her purpose and she is sniffing the ground to find where they are, then digging. She will stop when corrected. 


She likes to chase birds, cats, and planes. No squirrel as of yet. Frannie is a bit protective in that if a person she does not know comes up to the door or a gate she will run barking at the gate. Before the individual comes in you must get her to sit or move away. Once the person comes into the room she will come sniff them and all is well. If the person comes into the room while she is showing this behavior and enters the room moving quickly, she has nipped at the back of ankles or calves. 



Cody is a 5 month old sheltie pup.


Check back soon for a full bio on Cody!



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