Love of Collies & Shelties Rescue of SeVA

COVID-19 Compliance.

 Effective this evening at 5:00pm, LOCS of SeVA will suspend all adoptions and home visits.

 All of our dogs are safely hunkered down in their foster homes and will remain there until this crisis has passed.

 LOCS of SeVA WILL REMAIN OPEN TO TAKE IN EMERGENCY DOGS. If you have a dog that needs emergent care, or otherwise has no place to go, WE WILL TAKE IN THE DOG. You may bring the dog to us, and we will come out to your car to pick up the dog.

 Stay safe everyone. Wash your hands. Keep a safe distance. And make the best of your time at home with your dogs!

 Also remember, you CANNOT catch COVID-19 from a dog.

Our Mission Statement

Love of Collies & Shelties Rescue of SeVA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue of abused, endangered, neglected, unwanted, or homeless collies, collie mixes, shelties, and sheltie mixes. We provide immediate care through veterinary treatment and home fostering. The goal is to find permanent, loving, and stable homes for all of the animals that pass through our rescue.

How We Do It

Locs of SeVA provides a variety of services


We place our dogs in carefully selected homes, matching them as closely as we can to what we believe their ideal situation is.

Foster Program

Our Foster Program matches screened, eligible foster homes to our dogs, once they have been fully vetted. The foster homes evaluate the dogs in a variety of situations and report back to us regularly so that we may have the best understanding of the dog and their ideal home.


We accept Collies and Shelties, and mixes of these two breeds into our rescue. We know that sometimes life takes an unpredictable direction and we are here to support people who are unable to keep their dogs for any reason.

Breed Education

Learn more about these beloved herding dogs, which are actually two distinctly different breeds.