Welcome to Love of Collies & Shelties Rescue of SeVA!

Thank you to our Donors

Love of Collies and Sheltie Rescue of Southeast Virginia would like to thank everyone who has made recent donations. We often take in collies and shelties that have had no medical treatment for a very long time and not properly socialized. These babies will be with us for awhile, especially through their medical treatments. Your donations are tax deductible. We thank EVERYONE for the help and support, not only in monies but in other ways now and in the coming months.

Microchips In The News

There was a story in the local news this week about a dog reunited with his owners after missing for five years. 

All LOCS dogs are microchipped as soon as they come into rescue. If you have adopted a LOCS collie or sheltie, please be sure to update your address with us. If AKC Reunite cannot find you, they will contact LOCS if a dog is found and if we have up to date information, we’ll be bale to contact you to reunite you with your dog. Just drop a note at info@locsofseva.com. 

Heartworm Testing

You’ve certainly seen the huge increase in mosquito populations lately. Have you gotten your dog’s heartworm check yet this year? Don’t forget to do that and to keep your dogs on their monthly dose of heartworm preventative. Heartworm infections are all too common and are painful and costly to treat.

Remember that if you have a collie or sheltie, that you should not use a preventative containing the drug Ivermectin, as it can cause a fatal reaction in some collies and shelties. LOCS uses Interceptor on the dogs that come through rescue.

Have you moved? 

Please let us know if you’ve moved or your phone number or email address has changed – we rely on that information to reach you if your dog has gotten lost and someone calls the number on his or her rescue tag.

Your LOCS collie or sheltie is wearing his or her name tag, right? 

If you have a change of address or other information, or need a new rescue tag, please write us at info@locsofseva.com 

Pet Food Recalls

For the latest pet food recalls, please visit https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-recalls/

Help Needed

We are in a great need of foster homes. If you are interested in fostering for us, please send us a note at info@locsofseva.com